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  • The Great Replacement?
    The Great Replacement – fact, fiction or between the 2 in Europe? A lot has been discussed recently about changing […]
    Civilisations are a mix of culture, identity, heritage and values resulting from various historical events and are not created overnight. Although […]
  • REALPOLITIK: Antisemitism, anti-Zionism and Israel
    The worst racism in Europe has always been antisemitism against Jews. For hundreds of years, Jews suffered all types of […]
  • Climate: geopolitical consequences
    The mainstream media (MSM) is almost unanimous about anthropogenic (man-made) global warming/climate change/deregulation as shown by world temperatures increasing between 0,4 C […]
  • Covid-19 – why the panic?
    The Covid-19 story has become almost as incomprehensible as climate where science seems to have been replaced by dogma. Societies, civil […]