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  • Freedom of speech and thought
    The decline and (nearly) the end of Freedom of Speech in the West Probably the most fundamental idea in the […]
  • Western Civilisation
    Civilisations are not easy concepts to define, but can be seen as a mix of culture, identity, heritage and values resulting […]
  • Covid-19 – why the panic?
    The Covid-19 story is almost as incomprehensible as climate with science replaced by dogma and where civil liberties and economies were […]
  • The Great Replacement
    Much has been discussed about changing demographics in Western countries with the expression ‘Great Replacement’ created by French writer Renaud […]
  • Climate scepticism
    The mainstream media (MSM) is almost unanimous about anthropogenic (man-made) global warming/climate change/deregulation as apparently proven by world temperatures increases of about […]
  • Israel, antisemitism and anti-Zionism
    The worst racism in Europe has always been anti-Jewish racism or antisemitism when for hundreds of years, Jews suffered all […]