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  • Covid-19 : why the panic?
    Covid-19 policies have been almost as incomprehensible as climate policies in another context where science was replaced by dogma and where […]
  • Climate scepticism
    The mainstream media (MSM) is almost unanimous about anthropogenic (man-made) global warming or climate change or deregulation as shown by world temperatures […]
  • The decline and (nearly) the end of Freedom of Speech in the West
    Probably the most fundamental idea in the vast subject of Human Rights concerns freedom of speech since without it, debating […]
  • Western Civilisation
    Civilisations are not easy concepts to define, but can be seen as a mix of culture, identity, heritage and values resulting […]
  • Israel: antisemitism and anti-Zionism
    The worst racism in Europe has always been anti-Jewish racism or antisemitism when for hundreds of years Jews suffered all […]
  • The Great Replacement
    Much has been discussed about changing demographics in Western countries with the expression ‘Great Replacement’ created by French writer Renaud […]