Private companies

Philip has been both a salaried manager and a consultant for various private companies, responsable for purchasing and procurement, innovation, quality control, qualitative market research and all forms of communication including public relations.

He has worked in various commercial sectors including hotels, (Campanile) wines and spirits, (Pernod Ricard) transport and logistics, (Scania, Arriva Trains) and automobiles (Peugeot).

Public institutions

Following a request from the French Overseas Trade Ministry, Philip wrote several export guides for small businesses. He also advised Sud de France, a public institution created by the Occitanie regional authority whose aim is to promote regional products outside France.

Philip has been a conference speaker for the Paris Chamber of Commerce and was a member of a panel of experts for the European Union on transport, infrastructure and tourism. Brexit has obviously meant that this latter role has ended, but believing in the independence of nation states, Philip feels that the Brexit decision was correct.

Confidentiality and Ethics

Philip offers an absolute guarantee, verifiable with existing clients, that business ethics are respected. Any potential clash of interests leads to an immediate refusal to accept work where organisations are in direct or indirect competition or when their commercial practices do not correspond to reasonable business behaviour.


Fees are negotiated in advance, billing is at the end of the month and payment is within 30 days unless different conditions have been negotiated previously.

VAT can be deducted by any association or institution with a non-profit making status and where the competent tax authorities agree